Actor sought for film

About the film project:
Damian Bao. Damian Bao is a casting director based in NYC. Who recently worked on the casting of the prize-winning film “American Honey” (Cannes 2016 Jury Prize) by Andrea Arnold. You can visit his website at to see other highlights of his work.
Damian Bao, Kate Antognini and Samantha Holden (an Elmira native) have been hired by Madeleine Films Studio in Paris to cast award-winning director Danielle Lessovitz’s new feature film “Port Authority.” Danielle was trained in documentary filmmaking at Northwestern before heading to New York to do a Master’s in Film at NYU. Her short films and video installations have won awards and shown at 40 film festivals worldwide. She currently is the Head of Film Lab and a film professor at Rutgers.
Set against the backdrop of the Bronx, “Port Authority” is a tragic love story between a boy from the Midwest/South and a woman of color from NYC. The film is scheduled to start shooting at the end of November 2017 for 4 to 6 weeks in New York. The film is planned to premiere at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival 2018. LEAD CHARACTER: Paul (Age 15-21), Male, White - Vulnerable, open, raw and unworldly. Comes from a blue collar or more disadvantaged upbringing.
References: young River & Joaquin Phoenix, young Brad Renfro. We are on a nationwide search to find the lead role of Paul. Our goal is to discover an untrained, unknown and give him the opportunity to star in a feature film. This opportunity will give him financial support, a trip to NYC, and experience working with an elite movie production team as well as a chance for him to potentially start an acting career.
Samantha says, "When I was told they wanted us to discover someone Upstate New York I wanted to extend the casting to my home town. I feel like so many amazing kids from Elmira would be perfect for this role but lack opportunity."

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